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Monday July 22, 2024
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PlanetDNS Client 2.0

PlanetDNS Client This software enables you to easily create an Internet Name for your computer.

The PlanetDNS Client software is utilized by all service levels offered by PlanetDNS (PlanetDNS Standard, PlanetDNS Pro and PlanetDNS Enterprise).

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Features & Benefits
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The PlanetDNS Client software is a tool used to create and maintain your personal Internet Name and domain name(s), and updates these names to point to your current dynamic IP address as soon as your computer is connected to the Internet.

The software continuously monitors your current IP address and automatically updates your chosen Internet Name to reflect your new IP address whenever your IP address changes (through a DHCP lease expiry, for example).

By utilizing this software, you can run any kind of server software on your computer, including a web server so you can run you own website directly from your own computer, or a mail server to provide your family and friends with their own personalized e-mail, or an FTP server so you can share your music files or documents. The possibilities are endless.
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