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Monday July 22, 2024
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Acceptable Use

All PlanetDNS services are governed by the following Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"). All PlanetDNS customers must abide by this policy or a service interruption, suspension, or cancellation (without refund) may result.

PlanetDNS, a division of NewAce Corporation, reserves the right to terminate service to any of its customers if it feels that a customer has violated this AUP.
  • The PlanetDNS account and associated Internet Name may not be used to facilitate the sending of Unsolicited Commercial Email ("UCE"). Any UCE brought to our attention that contains or references your Internet Name (whether visible by name, or a link) will result in immediate cancellation of your account, without refund.

  • You may not provide services or products using your Internet Name that violate International Law (i.e., Copyright Laws, Pornography Laws, etc.), your country's laws, or the laws of Canada. We will cooperate fully with any government organization in its investigation of violations of law by any of our customers.

  • You may not register an Internet Name that is offensive, prejudicial or slanderous in nature, even if it is in another language.
PlanetDNS, a division of NewAce Corporation does not and will not police its customers. However, it will take immediate action as provided by this AUP when it has been notified of a violation, or, has determined by its own efforts that a violation of the AUP has occurred.

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