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Monday July 22, 2024
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PlanetDNS Pro FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Mail and Mail Redirection

Can I enable virus scanning in the software?

Yes, you can enable PlanetDNS Client to automatically virus scan your Internet name (domain name) e-mail. Please note that this does NOT guarantee that all viruses will be successfully intercepted. You should continue to perform regular backups of important files and documents on your computer, as appropriate.

Updates of our virus signature database are being provided by several industry leading detection firms on a frequent basis. However, since updates are provided only after the discovery of a new virus, at least a small percentage of the overall e-mail volume, which could include yours, has already been infected. Backup important files and documents often.

See How to enable virus scanning for more details.

NOTE: Enabling either the virus scanning or spam filtering features will cause you to use up your mail store-and-forward allocation more quickly, since ALL e-mail for your Internet name (domain name) will then be relayed through our servers. If you do not enable any of these features, e-mail will only be relayed through our servers when your mail server is offline.

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