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Tuesday June 18, 2024
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PlanetRemote Viewer 2.0

PlanetRemote Viewer 2.0 PlanetRemote Viewer is a standalone application that allows you to easily connect to one or more PlanetRemote-enabled computers on your local network or the Internet.

It enables you to easily identify, organize and group the available PlanetRemote-enabled computers and can maintain specific connection profiles for each computer.

It also allows you to remote start a computer that is turned-off using the Wake-on-LAN function.

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PlanetRemote Viewer provides for a faster and more feature-rich alternative to using the JAVA client when connecting to a PlanetRemote-enabled computer.

It provides for a convenient method to store connection profiles and to organize and group these in a logical manner. This is especially well suited for networks with large numbers of PlanetRemote-enabled computers deployed.

PlanetRemote Viewer will automatically display a list of all PlanetRemote-enabled computers that have been identified on the local network (as well as adjacent subnets). Connecting to a computer is as easy as double-clicking the name of the remote computer and providing the correct password.

You can also use PlanetRemote Viewer to manage single or multiple computers that are PlanetRemote-enabled across the Internet, and is fully VNC-multiplexor aware. This allows you to easily connect to and manage PlanetRemote-enabled computers behind a router, without the need to create complicated port-mappings on the router.

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