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Saturday December 09, 2023
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About Beta Testing

Why does PlanetDNS beta test?
All of PlanetDNS' products undergo extensive internal and external testing before release. The external (beta) testing is intended to:
  • Identify any problems with the product not picked up in internal testing
  • Provide feedback on product usability & effectiveness and suggestions for improvement so the product will better meet users' needs
During external testing we provide pre-release versions of our software free of charge to selected testers (individuals and organizations) for their use, in return for which the testers provide feedback on any problems they have found and comments on the product.

Who can become a tester?
There are no general restrictions on who can become a tester for PlanetDNS. Different products have different testing requirements, and testers will be chosen to fulfil those requirements. All testers for a particular product are chosen from new applicants and existing testers and only the selected applicants are admitted to the testing program for the product concerned. Unsuccessful applicants are retained on file unless they ask to be removed, and may be selected for a future test phase for the same or another product.

Benefits and obligations - what does being a tester involve?
Testers benefit from:
  • The chance to use the product before its official release
  • The opportunity to help shape the product before it reaches its final form, for example by suggesting the inclusion of a feature of specific use to the tester concerned. Testers therefore receive some of the advantages of custom-written software without the associated costs. (Though of course we cannot guarantee to include every tester's suggestions in the initial release version.)
  • Free support with more direct contact with developers and support engineers than that provided by standard support
  • Price reductions or free upgrades to the full released product after testing concludes (exact details vary depending on the product)
In return, testers are expected to:
  • Provide adequate feedback on all problems encountered when using the product. Feedback can be provided using our simple web-based feedback form or by email.
  • Provide feedback on specific areas outlined by PlanetDNS as part of the test
  • Understand that the product is pre-release and, although tested internally, may not be fully functional, and testers must therefore take appropriate precautions such as backups when using the product
  • Consent to a testing agreement which confirms they will not reveal details of the product to others without PlanetDNS' consent, will not make use of their participation in the testing program to produce competing products, and will not hold PlanetDNS liable in the event that the product fails to perform as expected

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